Eggshell, known as Coquille d'Oeuf, is a lovely, organic material (yes, it's actual eggshells) that adds style, texture and materiality to a piece of fine furniture or wall treatment. Despite what you might think, eggshells form a tough and durable surface. The finishes on this page are intended to illustrate some of the different ways that artfully color-toned eggshell surfaces may be combined with various woods:

Eggshell has a historical resonance from its roots in Asia and the French Art Deco period. Like other so-called noble finishes -- e.g. parchment, shagreen, straw -- eggshell has a timeless integrity that has never lost its contemporary flair. One of the reasons it became popular in the decorative arts 100 years ago was that there were then few ways to obtain a truly white color. It is eye-catching when used by itself, and provides a dramatic contrast in conjunction with fine woods and metals. Because it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to apply, it will remain a rare and uniquely beautiful finish with an aesthetic all its own. The look and feel of each furniture piece incorporating eggshell is one-of-a-kind, and like the furniture pieces in this collection, it is also unmistakably a hand-applied artisanal product, that could never be mass produced.